By : Toni Ervianto

Brexit is the strategy of England’s Prime Minister Theresa May to provide the bright of England”s future especially on economic, politic and stable regional security. Brexit has planned to maintain the superiority of England in europe which has gradually replaced by Germany and France.

After May failed to influencing the parliament, the withdrawal had pushed back at least two weeks or until April 12 eventhough Brexit’s departure had originally written in UK law on March 29.

Theresa May has been granted an extra two weeks to come up with a Brexit solution after talks with EU leaders.

If Mrs May can get her withdrawal deal through Parliament next week, that date will be pushed back to 22 May to give time to pass the necessary legislation.

If the prime minister can’t get the deal through, the UK will have to propose a way forward by 12 April for EU leaders to consider.

The 12 April is a key date in terms of the UK deciding whether to hold European Parliament elections.

“If it has not decided to do so by then, the option of long extension will automatically become impossible.”

Mrs May ruled out revoking Article 50, which would cancel Brexit, and she also said “it would be wrong” to ask Britons to vote for candidates for the elections to the European Parliament, due to be held from 23-26 May, three years after they voted to leave the EU.

I think if on April 12, Brexit’s withdrawal can not take by England’s parliament and EU leaders, May is predicted to make new regenociate with the parliament and the new European parliament after May 26.

But domestically and internally, May’s political opponent will try to set referendum or general election to take over May’s position through news framing and political setting that May had been embarassed the people of England especially the Kingdom through concede of Brexit idea failure. So, if enough possible, Brexit won’t be implemented.

The writer is global issues observer. The alumni of University of Indonesia (UI)