Jakarta. Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) Executive Director Djayadi Hanan deemed Sunday’s second presidential debate between incumbent Jokowi and Prabowo Subianto had an effect toward voters, especially the swing voters or undecided voters.

“It can potentially affect voters’ decision once the viewers see a clear winner in the presidential debate,” said Djayadi when Tempo reached him yesterday.

He argues that the swing voters will mainly be encouraged to vote based on the candidates’ programs or ideas mentioned during the debate. Djayadi claims that this voter demographic would only decide after being informed of a candidate’s programs.

Both Jokowi and Prabowo Subianto performed better than their first appearance, “The debate yesterday was pretty contrast [to the first debate] in terms of offering concrete ideas and programs,” he said.

The second presidential debate took place on Sunday, February 17, 2019, at Hotel Sultan that lasted 90 minutes. The debate mainly discussed a wide range of issues from natural resources, energy and food security, environmental issues, and infrastructure (

The Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno campaign team (BPN) spokeswoman Dian Islamiati Fatwa said Sandiaga will put forth politeness in the vice presidential debate against Ma’ruf Amin.

The next debate will see vice presidential candidates pitted against each other on March 17, 2019.

“Sandi is extremely polite. He obviously would not be aggressive [in the debate] and will view Ma’ruf as Ulema,” said Dian to Tempo on Monday, February 18.

Dian mentioned Sandiaga’s previous statement wishing the next debate will not utilize questions provided by panelists since he does not want both he and Ma’ruf Amin be aggressive against each other.

Sandiaga respects Ma’ruf Amin as a senior and respects his expertise as an Ulema and someone that has to be respected. Sandi will not attack,’ Dian confirmed.

The third presidential election debate will only pit vice presidential candidates from both camps (

Foto : Toni Ervianto (Writer)

Separately, strategic issues observer, Toni Ervianto, MSi said the president candidates and the vice president candidates are crucial for rising symphaty for swing voters, educate persons and millennial voters, and those debate has been needed as a portrait of the candidates capability on the issues which has been debating.

“I think at previously debate, both of camps had been tried with their best performance and every people has take their opinion on those debate. The survey results regarding to those debate does not an effective to crush people’s support to one of candidate,” said Toni.

Further more, Toni has explained that the third debates between Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno is a crucial moments too. “Sandiaga’s strategy would not be aggressive in the debate and will view Ma’ruf as Ulema is a brilliant strategy because the polite values in Indonesia has been decreasing among national stakeholders,” Toni reiterated (Red).