By : Toni Ervianto

Eventhough The US President Donald Trump has business carier and experiences, but its does not enough to help him rules the US’s government during his tenure, at least it has been shown that US’s goverment had made decision to “shutdown government” several times.

The recent progress of the US is US trade deficit has rised until US$ 310 billion on US fiscal 2019, and Federal deficits has rised in 77 percent at four months and its sharply rise than ever.

There are at least two factors which was triggered US trade deficits has been happening are the US tax revenue plummets but the government spending up.

US tax revenue has not been reached its target because it was triggered by several factors such as the US economy wheels did not run well because economic growth of the US under 2 percent. Besides that, Trump has failed to make job vacancies and erasing unemployment rates in US. Indeed, those situation can predict to go worst if trade war between the US and China does not stop. As far as, China has taken some of economic benefit during trade war between two gaint world economic and its seems the US will offer “trade ceasefire” to China. However, the strategic process has shown that China will take the US dominant global position especially if the Belt and Road Innitiative of China could be smoothly implemented.

Another factor which made the worst of the US deficit account is the government spending up especially on the US military and intelligence operation around the world especially in Middle East and West Africa to counter terrorist threats and in East Asia and Asia Pasific to compete with China’s economic superiority, and in Europe to anticipate the impact of Brexit.

I think if the US under Trump’s administration does not cut their ego to maintain their influence as “the global police” and if Trump does not curtail his unilateral policy, its phenomenon could be made the US bakruptcy under Trump’s administration.

The writer is a global phenomenon observer.